1071 Spring Forest Rd
Greenville, NC 27834
Phone: (252) 756-7797

  • Jay Menees

    I have rented from East Carolina Property Management for two years. They are incredibly helpful! Especially Cynthia. Within 2 hours of informing her that my hot water heater was leaking, I had a brand new water heater installed. Hurricane Matthew was especially telling of the quality of this property management as they worked diligently to fix the damage done to my roof, AC unit, bedroom ceiling, and drywall.

    I am in the process of moving, but I fully expect the move-out experience to be fair and honest. I am giving them a 5 star now and will update how the move-out experience went (as I have had numerous bad experiences with other landlords once I turn in the key).

    UPDATE: Check out/ Move out was super easy! Best landlords I ever had.

  • Gerard Payne

    I want to thank Donna, Cynthia and the rest of the staff at East Carolina Property Mgmt. They managed my property for years and were always accommodating with any needs or issues I had concerning my home. They locate GOOD tenants super fast! Not sure how they do it, but they've successfully been keeping my home tenant-filled for years. I have sold my home this year and although it has been a great journey with them; we had to bid them adieu.

  • Bruce Parker

    Highly recommended. East Carolina Property managed the lease for our rental home for almost 10 years. Cynthia Miller and Donna Gearheart are the absolute best! Their oversight, communication, recommendations and overall management of our property was done professionally with no issues. If you're looking to rent from an honest company or need professional management of your property, this is it.

  • Chris Zarzar

    Couldn’t be HAPPIER!!! All of the representatives are awesome to work with. They are very patient, kind, and organized. If you have a problem, they will listen to you, work with you, and develop a plan to fix it.

    I noticed that some of their rental prices were higher than competition. I realized why once I experienced their services, helpfulness, and truthfulness about the property compared to other rental management companies.

    Why I chose to go with the slightly higher price and East Carolina Property Management:

    1) Great customer service
    2) Well maintained properties
    3) A+ rating on NC Better Business Bureau review; they have never had any illegitimate complaints against them.

    In summary, this has been one of my best renting experiences.